8.Mark of LEGO(non-registered)
Love your work.
7.Zachary McAlister(non-registered)
Very cool Andrew.
Hello Andrew,
This is something that I have wanted to achieve. Sharing Photo's.
Your site is so easy to understand and well set out.
6.Richard Whittington.(non-registered)
Amazing pictures Tux! Would love to know how you do it.
wow - your picture are just AMAZING !!!!!!!!!! nicer than mine :o)
4.Leeann Welsh(non-registered)
Andrew, your photos are beautiful. They would make great postcards!
3.Bill Brose(non-registered)
Hi Andrew! I am a friend of Mark and Melody Baker and they gave me your web-site. I think you are
doing a great job with your photos. Keep up the good work!!!
2.Greg Welch Photography
Hi Andrew,
Loving the new images esp lego apocolypse! - looks like you had fun putting them together too!
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